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Calvary Baptist Church is located about 3 miles north of Interstate 20. Take exit 85 onto Highway 167.                                                                                         Click HERE for directions!

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Our 2019 mission trips and dates comming soon.

Calvary has a strong history of supporting missions by giving, praying and going, and we believe God has blessed our continued obedience to take the gospel to our community and around the world. The desire of our hearts is to continue to be found faithful in the area of missions. We hope you will actively join us in living out the Great Commission in this new year.


Sifting: Muslim Ministry in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. Dates: TBD

The Great Commission begins, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”  Historically, that has meant packing a bag and traveling great distances in order to be able to speak to “all nations.”  However, today, God has brought “all nations” to us.  North America’s megacities are now home to many unreached people groups from around the world.  Through these unreached urban communities, God has opened a gateway that reaches the nations.

In 2018, Calvary sent a group to Fremont, CA to work with Global Gates Ministry and participate in a week of sifting among Afghans.  Sifting is a term that means “to go through very carefully and find what is useful or valuable.”  The group spent the week engaging conversations with Afghans and sharing the Gospel.

This year, Calvary has chosen to send groups to Dallas, TX to participate in sifting opportunities there among Muslims.  While there is not a large population of Afghans in Dallas, we felt the close proximity would offer more opportunities for greater numbers of Calvary members to participate in the experience of sifting.  Leaders with Global Gates Ministry will provide training and lead our groups in engaging Gospel conversations.

These are great opportunities for families, life groups, and even individuals to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Cost:  Transportation, Hotel & Meals TBD


Las Vegas, NV. Dates: June 24th-July 1st

 Calvary has a long standing partnership with Tropicana Christian Fellowship Church in a low income area in Las Vegas. TCF is a small Baptist church with a heart to reach the lost and disciple new believers. Our team will be leading VBS for their children and adult Bible study in the evenings.

 Our team will also be partnering with Safely Home Refugee Ministry to host a Sports Camp aimed at building bridges in this community and sharing the Gospel. 

 We need 25 adults/youth/college to meet the needs on the field this summer in Vegas. If you'd like more information, contact Sandra George. (sgeorge@calvaryruston.org or 318-245-4442)

 If you've already decided to go with us, use the link below to fill out your mission trip application.  

 Total Trip Cost: $750 (with $350 church scholarship, if needed)  

Your total personal responsibility: $400 

   Deposit #1 due: $100 due April 14th

   Deposit #2 due: $100 due May 12th

   Deposit #3 due: $200 due June 9th


Honduras. Dates: June 29th-July 5th

Overview: This year we will continue with our tradition of working with Iglesia Bautista Roca Eterna (Eternal Rock Baptist Church) in the peaceful and historic town of Copan, Honduras.  Since 2013 Calvary has partnered with Pastor Nahum Gonzalesto help build and strengthen his ministry that stretches from the western extent of Honduras to east central Guatemala. Copan, like most of Central America is heavily influenced by the Catholic Church and the people are in dire need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Construction Project: Each year Calvary undertakes a construction project to strengthen the church’s outreach, minister to the men and women of the church to help develop their faith, encouraging them to spread the gospel, and to lead the children in bible study.  This year, the construction project will involve working with the local people to complete the roof of a new church/school that will give Pastor Nahum a place to spread the word and bring hope to a small remote village. We have a construction leader who can use anyone interested in construction.  The construction will take place during the day and allows all mission team members available to attend bible studies in the evening with adults or children.

Men’s/Women’s Ministry: We will also be working with the men and women of the church that Nahum pastors to strengthen their faith and encourage them to assist Nahum in reaching out to the surrounding community and villages.  We will encourage couples in the church to do this together as God has commanded.  Groundwork was laid last year in promoting a Godly marriage leading to Godly families and ultimately a strong church.  Nahum is encouraged that we as a church would like to work with the couples in his church and discuss and study God’s Word as it relates to marriage.  In doing so, these couples can spread God’s Word together. 

Children’s Vacation Bible School

We handle VBS a little differently in Copan.  Because we have Men’s and Women’s ministry are in the evening, that gives us the opportunity to have fun with the little one so their parents can stay focused.  We do that with lots of biblically based art activates, sign songs, and even put on little skits.

Summary of Needs: We hope to have a number of couples to join us to minister to the couples at Iglesia Bautista Roca Eterna.  This by no means infers that singles aren’t welcome. We will need lots of help with all of the little ones (VBS) while the parents are in Bible study.  We also need assistance in building the roof.  No matter your skill or interest level, there’s a place for you to serve the Lord on this mission!

Cost: Per person trip cost estimate is approximately $900 (based on double occupancy) and covers all ground and air transportation, one checked bag, and hotels (meals not included – estimated $210), Itemized list of expenses will available soon.  Approximately $420 in Church scholarships may be available if needed,

Total Trip Cost: $900 (up to $420 church scholarship)

Deposit #1 due: $200 by March 17

Deposit #2 due: $110 by May 1

Deposit #3 due: Balance due by June 9

If you’d like more information, contact one of our Mission co-leaders:

 Mark Milstead (markmilstead@lincolnschools.org or 318-614-4286)

Gordon Holley (gholley@me.com or 318-278-2866)


 If you've already decided to go with us, use the link below to fill out your mission trip application.  


There are scholarships available up to 1/3 of the trip cost. You can apply online beginning January 9th. EVERYONE PLANNING TO GO ON A MISSION TRIP MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE APPLICATION, even if you do not wish to apply for the scholarship. This information helps us to know your skill set and your testimony which is very helpful for those leading each of these trips.


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