Every time someone joins the Calvary Church Family, I believe we just got better. Why?

Because I believe we are better together than we ever could be apart. Every week, as I look out over the congregation, I see a beautiful mosaic picture - a picture that would not be as beautiful without you. Such a diverse group of people, brought together, by God, to be a family.

We are better together because God has created each of us and given us different gifts, abilities, talents, and interests. There are things that each of us can do that most others can't do, at least not as well. That is why we need each other and why it is important for everyone to get involved. I believe that God has brought you here to specifically involve your gifts and abilities in His Kingdom service.
The Bible says, "Serve the Lord with gladness." Psalm 100:2 (KJV), We serve the Lord by serving others, We serve with gladness because of what He has done for us, I believe that God has been molding and shaping your gifts and abilities, even before you were born (Ps 139:14-16), for such a time as this. If you are not currently involved in serving the Lord by serving others, would you prayerfully consider how God might want you involved? I believe that there are people in our community, who don't even realize it yet, who are depending upon your service to help them see how much God loves them.

I love being your pastor.