One Cry Conference is Over. Now What?

We have truly seen God's hand at work in the days leading up to and during the One Cry Conference at Calvary. We have been encouraged by our church leaders to examine our own lives, realizing that revival oftentimes begins in individual hearts. We literally and / or figuratively drew a circle around ourselves with a piece of chalk and prayed, "God send revival, and start within this circle."

Now that the conference is over, we continue to see God working in our congregation.  Yet oftentimes when we anticipate an event, it is easy to get excited about an event and then experience a let down effect once the event is over.  Even in my own life I am fighting this feeling to get back to "business as usual." I've been meditating on the question "how do I keep the sense of urgency in my heart to experience personal revival each day?"  The answer is the same as it's always been: make nurturing my relationship with Jesus the main priority in my life.  For me, that means not allowing busyness, task completion, schedules, maintaining material things, or anything else to crowd out time for Bible study, prayer, daily devotions with Jesus, and other disciplines which cause us to grow closer to Christ.  Perhaps one of the most important tools God gives us to stay on track is accountability with other believers.  If you have not done so already, find another believer of the same gender to share your journey.  Make a scheduled weekly time to meet, or it probably won't happen.  I thank God for the men God has put in my life to help me stay focused on the Lord!  May God bless you as you strive to serve Him!

Cary Tolar