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9:00am - Worship/Life Group

10:30am - Worship/Life Group

Calvary Baptist Church is located about 3 miles north of Interstate 20. Take exit 85 onto Highway 167.                                                                                         Click HERE for directions!

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New Sermon Series:  Kingdoms in Conflict

Some people believe that Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is primarily teaching how to live an ethical life.  But He really is teaching what it looks like to live in the Kingdom of God.  Rather than ethics, when you look at what Jesus taught you realize that He is really talking about salvation.  He is describing what it looks like to be saved and what it looks like to be lost.  More than teaching about how to live an ethical life, Jesus is teaching about what it means to know God and to live for God.  The kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world are in conflict with one another.  Using Luke’s account of the Sermon on the Mount, we will see how Jesus teaches on the difference between these two kingdoms.