Friendship Families: A Great Opportunity

A new group of international students has arrived at Louisiana Tech and Grambling State University.   Bright and driven to do well academically, many are also lonely.  Sadly, more than 80% of international students in the U.S never set foot in an American home.

“Mark Rentz from the American Language and Cultural Program in Arizona has studied more than 3,000 returning students who are now leaders in their countries.  When students were asked about the value of their experience in America, nearly all of the respondents said it was not their academic experience that they remember.  Instead, the most valuable experience to them was their time with Americans and the opportunity to experience life in America.”  (The World at Your Door, page 26) 

God’s heart is for the nations.  That is where our hearts should be also. Would you be willing to “adopt” a student? 

We ask only that you will love on them and connect with them at least once per month such as a meal, or taking them along with whatever you’re doing.

To sign up you may: 1) call our church office at (318) 255-3594, or 2) contact Bill and Stacy Prescott  at 318-245-8418 or 

(Bridges International is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, focused on the internationals that God has brought to our door.)