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9:00am - Worship/Life Group

10:30am - Worship/Life Group

Calvary Baptist Church is located about 3 miles north of Interstate 20. Take exit 85 onto Highway 167.                                                                                         Click HERE for directions!

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Current Sermon Series

Pastor Bill is leading us through the book of Luke in a series of sermons called "The Call to Discipleship." There are some very practical "take aways" for followers of Jesus striving to grow in their faith. Since our life group is using these messages as our curriuclum, I find myself watching the sermon again online and taking notes.  It's amazing to me how much more I get from the second hearing of the sermon than from the first! These messages are usually online within two days of when they were delivered.

Through parables, performing miracles, personal conversations, teaching opportunties, Jesus is contantly seeking to reveal to His disciples and to the rest of the world who He is and what is purpose is, yet even His closest followers struggle to understand. In more than one text, Jesus' followers make a statement like, "don't you care?" For anyone who has a close, personal relationship with Jesus, this question seems so absurd and reveals how little those asking that question really understand the Lord.  Of course He cares!  He would not have died on the cross if He didn't.  News flash: we do not have to understand everything in order to have faith. Perhaps just like those early disciples, we also need to continue learning what it means to trust Jesus. As I grow more in my walk with the Lord, getting answers to some of life's circumstances does not seem to get any easier, but God's faithfulness continues to remind me how trustworthy our great God is. So come join us as we continue to study Luke.